Liquid Waste Hauling, Treatment, and Recycling

Our Business Revolves Around Good Service.

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Super Nova Corporation consists of Super Nova Trucking and Pure Blue Waters, a wastewater disposal facility.  We specialize in hauling, treating, recycling, and disposing of liquid waste by-products generated by municipalities and food processing generators.  We offer a wide variety of services, in order to utilize the most environmentally friendly and cost efficient methods for recycling and disposing of all your wastes.  Super Nova operates and maintains a fleet of semis and tankers for hauling wastes from your facility to where they will be treated or recycled.

Pure Blue Waters has its own recycling facility, where wastes can be readied to be recycled.  When wastes are managed at this facility, you the generator are no longer legally responsible for these wastes.  Treated liquids can often times be used as fertilizers for farm fields.  These organic fertilizers can be used in place of inorganically based fertilizers.  This is truly an advantage for the environment and the consumer.  The newest equipment and technology are utilized for recycling these organic fertilizers via land application.

Super Nova Corporation has new and reliable equipment, that is operated and maintained by a staff of professionals that has many years of experience in the various aspects of the wastewater business.  Our pledge to our customers is to service your needs in a reliable, professional, and cost effective manner that is environmentally friendly.