Pure Blue Waters

Our Environment

Walking the Walk

It is easy to pay lip service to the environment while letting the regulatory bodies lead the way. At Super Nova Corp. we lead the way on protecting the environment. We operate a state-of-the-art facility that puts your liquid waste to use. Many types of treated liquid wastecan be turned into organic fertilizers. These organic fertilizers can be used on farm fields eliminating the need for thousands of pounds of chemical based fertilizers.

What This MeansTo OurCustomers

While we have found that recycling makesgood business sensefor us, we think that it also makes business sense to our customers as well. If anything happens to liquid waste at the place of disposal, the generator is also held accountable. Wewill help you comply with all state andfederal regulations. In addition, we have regulatory experts in house, as well as the facilities and equipment neededfor regulation compliance. Our in houseexperts can also answer all your questions, and provide help withyour monitoring needs and other conditions of your permit.We see to it that all daily, monthly, and annual reports are completed and submitted in a timely fashion. All wastes are analyzed in accordance with approved analytical test methods and procedures.