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Doing Our Part to Protect the Environment

Pure Blue Waters Test Lab

Pure Blue Waters is committed to the environment in which we all live.  Our mission is to do our part to keep the waters that are so important to our everyday lives clean, for this generation and for all those that follow. We specialize in the treatment and disposal of waste by-products that are generated by municipal and food processing generators.  Generators of wastewater are required by law to make sure that the hauler as well as the handler, of their wastes manages them properly.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the United States Environmental Protection Agency regulates how wastes are treated and how they are disposed of.  Pure Blue Waters is committed to helping our customers handle their wastes in compliance with local and federal agenciesí laws and regulations.

    • Pure Blue Waters Storage TanksAll wastes that are received, analyzed, and disposed of are tested in accordance with approved analytical test methods and procedures.  (Chapter NR 219 Wis. Administrative Code)
    • All testing is done by a certified laboratory.
    • All data is carefully collected and managed on computers for easy access and reporting.
    • Based on accurate and reliable information, plant operators can make the best decisions on how your waste needs to be handled.
    • All daily, monthly, and annual reports are completed and submitted in a timely fashion.
    • Preventative measures are taken to prevent spills and mitigate odors.
    • Complete sample collection and analysis is performed.
    • We maintain and provide accurate up to date records of regulated activities involving waste management and disposal.
    • Hauled wastewater reports and periodic compliance reports are provided in a timely and accurate way.
    • We will also provide helpful assistance with other reports and requirements for your facility.