Land Applications

landapp1Super Nova utilizes the latest technology in land application for the disposal of waste. Sludge applications increase the organic matter and fertility of soils and are beneficial to all soils, especially those that have been damaged by overuse, erosion, excavation activities, etc. Much of the nitrogen in wastewater solids is bound up with organic molecules, which undergo chemical changes before becoming available to plants. Chemical changes then take place over time, which makes the nitrogen in these organic solids available to plants for a prolonged period. This is similar to the way slow-release encapsulated fertilizer works. However, wastewater solids are much more landapp2environmentally friendly, in that they are organically based, instead of chemically based like many commercial fertilizers.

The Environmental Protection Agency encourages land application for disposal because of the many benefits associated with this practice. Super Nova also works directly with the Department of Natural Resources to ensure that waste is applied at the correct agronomic rates. Each field that is a candidate for use, undergoes evaluation using soil testing.


Careful site selection and monitoring is strictly adhered to in accordance with federal and state laws. As a company, Super Nova has a pristine record for over 35 years with the Department of Natural Resources.